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~Digital Skies~

Reorganized and reborn~ Thank you everyone~ (3-13-08)

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Name: Joyce
Age: 20
About Me: I have studied film for many years, so many of my writings reflect that. English and Korean I learned side by side, so sometimes I find confusions in both, so at times I can appear over-formal in my writing or too casual. I also study a few other languages right now for fun! I feel that I am constantly growing as a writer and I write for fun, so any and all comments are appreciated.

I'm mostly a shonen-ai/slash writer, so if you're not into all that, you might not want to step into my journal.
YG Family: GDYB, GDTOP, TOPYB, TOPSEUNGRI, YBSEUNGRI, Tae7en, Teddy x Danny, JinuSean.
PoT: MomoKai
GacktJOB: GacktYou